25 Things You Should Never EVER Say To A Woman (And 7 Things You Should Always Say)

This is another article i really want to discuss here on this blog today. It’s becoming increasing rare, to see men who knows:

What to say to a Woman,
How to say it,
When to say it.

But the truth is that we all make mistakes. Sometimes, we easily forget to study for a test, blowing a presentation, invading Iraq, and with all honesty, these are all things that can be forgiven and recovered from.

But there is something you will make a mistake at, and NEVER recover from it. Have you ever said the wrong thing to your wife or girlfriend? That’s the kind of mistake you’ll be paying for the rest of your life.

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I will be listing out, the 25 Most things you SHOULD, never ever say to a Woman, because if you made the mistake of uttering any of the phrases on this list, you probably realized your error instantly, and silently prayed for the ability to travel in time just so you could go back a few seconds and keep your damn mouth shut.

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My friend, my brother, i want to tell you something important today, please Learn from those of us who have gone before you. Memorize these things and never say them, even if—no, ESPECIALLY if “you want to hurt her”. Instead, take a deep breath, count to ten, then say one of the things on Part II of this list instead, and save yourself.

25 Things You Should Never say To a Woman

1. “No.”

Men should know that Most women love confident Men, Men who knows what to do, but not a stubborn Man, Not whenever your girlfriend asked you to do something, you’ll always reply “No”.

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She doesn’t know the meaning of the word unless it comes from her own lips.

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