5 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman in Bed

There are lots of things men, unintentionally do, that would tarnish their relationship with a woman. I wrote an article on 25 Things You Should Never EVER Say To A Woman (And 7 Things You Should Always Say), and i think it’s worth reading.

Avoid using certain words or sentence, it does not matter if it is your wife of five years or a chick you just met at a bar, $ex is an incredibly intimate experience, and it’s a special moment for the woman.

So when you’re in the bedroom (or elsewhere), I want to point it out here, that it is very important to avoid making unnecessary commentary that could ruin the mood, or worse— make her not want to sleep with you ever again.

From discussing your seΧual repertoire to assessing her hmmm Οℜgasm, here are five subjects to stay away from during $ex.

10 Most Life-Threatening Phrases

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman in Bed

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